Need to sell your house now and fast?

No matter the reason, we save you valuable time and most of the hassle of selling a house.

Why sell your house to us?



Sell your home quickly, as soon as you want to. No strangers walking through your home, no long overlap in payments, no staging costs.


No Agents

No Need to list your home with an agent and experience the stress associated withit. Domum is worry Free


Leave As Is

Have some repairs that you’ve been meaning to get to? Don’t worry we buy your home as - is with no contingencies.

Get started

How it works?

Tell us about your house and request an offer.

A dedicated home expert will review your information and prepare an offer for your consideration.

We do a home inspection at no cost.

After you accept our initial offer, a free home assessment will be scheduled. Any needed repairs can be completed by you or we do the work and deduct the costs.

You get paid fast!

Get paid quickly and move onto your new home stress-free.

The Domum Benefits

There are lots of reasons for wanting to sell your home.
Make it easy by selling to us at a fair price!


No showings

Avoid the hassle of staging your home so that strangers can walk though, with no intention to buy. With Domum, it`s just an inspection by us, when you`re ready to sell.


Fast & Free Offer

Using Domum is absolutely free. No hidden fees or costs. Just a great offer for you to eccept, when you need it. Easy!


Close when you’re ready!

It`s your house, so you should sell it on your schedule. With Domum, there`s no pressure, and we work with you, to buy your house when you`re ready.


Save on Fees

No need to pay a real estate agent, home inspector, classifield ads or staging costs. Cut out the middle-man, and get a great offer, directly from Domum.